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Welcome to Computastyle Signs where we aim to assist you in understanding the art of creating digital designs and signs to enhance your particular image.

That is how we see ourselves – as image enhancers; whether it is enhancing your own personal image, your business image, your vehicle’s image… anything you desire to give a boost so the public are more aware of who or what you represent.

Building on the age-old values of honesty, openness, integrity, quality and reliability – we supply you with a finished product made from top quality materials, produced by highly experienced designers and trades people, using modern technologies.

Questions? Our team is happy to answer.

Our Process

You give us a short description of the project you have in mind with your preferred timeframes (simply flick us a message via contact form, Email or phone us - 07 578 0267).
Together with you our experienced team will work out a complete concept, organize a site check (if needed) and agree on the materials to be used. Our team will take care of all the various aspects of the project, be it council consents, health & safety, traffic management or building specifications so you do not need to worry about anything.
After we have all the final information and dimensions, we send you a quote. For bigger projects it always helps to know your budget in advance. Once we have agreed on the best signage solution and the quote is approved, we move to the next stage.
At this stage, our team of creative designers will be working their magic to create the best, modern and neat design to make your brand shine brighter.
We can either create your design from scratch, work with your provided artwork or follow your brand guidelines.
It is always helpful to have at least a rough idea of what is it you are after to ensure we're moving in the right direction (such as pictures from the internet or any existing brand designs that you like).
At the end of this stage you will be getting a visual of your signage. We only go ahead once you are completely happy with the design and the final artwork has been signed off by you.
At this stage, our skilled production team is cracking on with getting your unique signage produced from a wide variety of materials.
We always keep records of all materials and colours used to keep your signage consistent over time and distance. Like this you always know exactly what you are getting. If you are a first-time customer and are not sure about how the printed colours will look like, we recommend getting a test-print done to ensure that the colours are spot-on.
Our experienced signwriters will take care of everything installation related for you and take great pride in ensuring a superior finish, be it building signage or fleet branding.
We take care of installations all around the country and are used to managing large rebrands or rollouts for our clients.
We know all the tricks of trade and have decades of experience working with a wide range of materials: all to ensure that you will enjoy your signage for many years to come.

Why Us


We love what we do

Because what's the point otherwise? :)


We have 40 Years of trade Experience

Computastyle Signs are ‘stayers’ who have been solidly serving the community for more than forty years.


We deliver right on time

We like to underpromise and overdeliver!


We are an Award-Winning team

We have a wall full of gold, silver, and bronze medals awarded to us for our exceptional service and skill.


We make real things

You will always know exactly what you're getting.


We know a secret

We know our trade well and we know the new technology that goes with it. Plus, we certainly have a few tricks up our sleeve to ensure an outstanding experience for you.

Award-winning indeed

Computastyle Signs won numerous awards over the last decades.
We never compromise on our quality and customer service!

NZSDA - Gold Medal 2

NZSDA - Silver Medal 3

NZSDA - Bronze Medal 6

Most Trusted Signage Company 2018