Displays and Flags

Promote your business and products with our full range of freestanding display signage and flags.



Cosmic flags have a distinct upper curve and straight lower edge and come in single or double-sided options. They are suited to either indoor or outdoor situations with light to moderate wind loading (up to 50kph).
Cosmic flags are supplied with a heavy duty bag; they come in three sizes and several options are available for mounting the flags on walls, hard or soft surfaces (see specifications).


A very vertical flag in style, the WindBlade flag provides a large rectangular print area and is available in small, large and extra large sizes. Suitable for indoor and outdoor situations there is a double-sided option available for correct reading on both sides. Winds of up to 50kph are tolerated well with the single-sided flags and 35kph with the double-sided flags.
Also supplied with a heavy duty bag there are several options available for mounting the WindBlade flags (see specifications).


There are many options of style for Footpath signs. Here are three of our most popular ones.


A very affordable option for a Footpath sign is the Expose design. Made of a tough lightweight construction the base can be filled with either sand or water to ensure the sign stays put in stronger winds. The blade of the sign comes 800 x 600mm but, due to the versatile clamping system of the base, the vertical display can be made to any shape you require. The Expose base is only available in black.


The Ultro is considered the ultimate footpath sign. The 800mmx600mm blade is easily interchangeable and comes with or without a handle.
Fillable with sand or water, the base also comes with a wheeled option for easy positioning. These bases come in black, white, red, blue, yellow and 7 other colour options.


Available in black, white, red, blue, yellow and 6 other colour options the Informer is the most recognizable footpath sign.
The interchangeable 800mmx600mm vertical blade comes with or without a handle.



Moulded in durable UV resistant PVC the Signholder can be pushed into soft ground or, using the hardstand frame, be positioned on paved areas. Normally standing 570mm in height, with the addition of a highriser this can be increased to 1100mm. Extra effective when used in sequence along the roadside the 300 x 400mm coreflute insert panels can display your message on both sides. The Signholder frames are available in black, white, yellow, red and dark blue.

Wire Signframes

Also effective in sequence on the roadside, the anti corrosive Wire Signframes hold panels 600 x 800mm. Available in either portrait or landscape it can accept material 3mm to 6mm thick. The frames stand 910mm high (landscape) or 1090mm high (portrait) – see specifications.

Adjustabel Signstakes

Designed to accept a range of panel sizes the adjustable Signstakes are used to secure coreflute panels for displays. Each Signstakes can support a panel 100mm to 750mm high at a minimum width of 450mm. Where extra wide coreflute panels are required, multiple stakes can be used to support the panels(see specifications). Made with an anti corrosive plated finish the Adjustable Signstakes are designed to be pushed firmly into soft ground.

Pigntail Signstakes

The versatile Pigtail Signstakes can be used with either one or two panels 2mm to 8mm thick (see illustration). An ideal option for creating pedestrian lanes the panels can have lettering/graphics applied to both sides. The maximum height of panel the Pigtail Signstakes can hold is 450mm.


For use as an internal display, Pull up Banners are ideal for tradeshows, exhibitions and presentations. Conveniently rolling into a metal case the banners extend to a height of 2050mm. Available widths are 800mm, 850mm and 1200mm. Also available double-sided the Pull up banners are easy to install and transport coming with a handy zipped bag with handles.
Higher spec’ed pull up banners are available – please enquire.

Other displays and flags are available – please contact us for further options.