New Zealand Occupational Health and Safety requires certain signs to be on display in every business for the safety and well-being of all who may use that space. In order to comply, it is important to understand the function and importance of these safety signs. In fact, understanding these signs can help you make your business more inclusive, and safer, for all of your employees and guests as well as your customers or clients.

Generally speaking, safety signs need to be high-contrast colors so that they are easily visible even in low-light settings. The safety of your employees, guests, and customers should not be taken lightly. In some cases, a safety sign is intended to protect customers from potentially dangerous areas in your facility that should only be entered into by those wearing appropriate safety gear. Often, equipment needs to be labeled “high voltage” if it could cause harm to someone who got too close. There are a lot of safety signs required for businesses that are required to maintain compliance with regulations.

As these signs need to comply with specific laws, it is important to have them made by professionals who are familiar with the regulations. Computastyle Signs can help you ensure your safety signage compliance.

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